How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Teer Lottery?

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Playing the lottery is not a cup of tea for everyone. There are some rules and regulations that you have to follow. Age is one of the crucial factors that you should consider while playing the lottery. You have to answer the first question: How old do you have to be to play the lottery?

Minimum age to play lottery
Minimum age to play Teer Lottery
Minimum age to play lottery in India

There is an international standard of age that you have to follow. You should be 18 years or above to play the lottery. Unfortunately, if you are under this age, you can’t play the lottery. In the past years, the age limit was higher than 18 also. But in April 2021, the aged standard for playing the lottery was revised. Let’s discuss this topic in-depth.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Teer Lottery

Teer lottery is the most famous lottery played in the subcontinent. It is also played in Bhutan and China, and some international player also shows their interest in it. Everyone wants to play it and get rich, but the problem among some people is their age. One of the most rapidly asked questions is about age limits.

People think that the teer lottery is for people of specific age groups; somehow, it is true. Under the state rules, you cannot play teer or any other lottery under 18. But teens under 18 are betting in large numbers in all lotteries in the world. They are using details of some of their elder friends or family member. 

Yes, this is possible and one of the common tricks used by the teens in the 16 and 17 age bracket. But the question arises why did the government have such policies? Is it beneficial to put age limits on betting games, or it’s only making trouble for a teen to the parts in such cash related activities?

Under aged betting

Know we discuss underage betting? Why is it safe, or if not, then why? According to research and lawmakers under age, betting is banned.

  • Teen who is using underage betting is not only making trouble for him but also his parents because, in India, there are rules in which if you are under 18 and violating some rules, not only you are responsible, in addition, your parents have to face jails or serious charges.
  • Another reason is that if you are under 18, you are not mature enough to prove your luck or betting skills in a real market with real losses, because in most cases, people of this age are using cash from their parents and do not have enough backup for their loss bearing which can cause serious trouble for them. Therefore, it must be avoided by teens.
  • When a person with no proper financial income is 99% common in people under 18 because of rules for child labour or under-age working, they are not earning then when they hear about betting, which attacks them because of the shorter source of becoming rich try to avail this. But due to no financial income, they try to use the wrong ways, which causes serious problems.
  • Another main observed problem among teens when they try to play the lottery is their rapid decision-making related to their maturity; when s person is above 8, they become mature enough to make the right decision for him or even plan.

Effects of different ages on betting

Some people think that the only problem is the minimum age for betting. Yes, it is true in the case of the country’s law. If you ask about experts’ opinions about different age groups, you are at the right place. According to research, if you are too old, at the age of 60 plus, it is not a good decision to start your lottery carrier.

Similarly, if you do not know well about the field of betting, it is not good to start at the age of resting. Different people have different mindsets at different ages. We have many examples where people start at late ages but become very successful. According to over suggestion, if you are starting at late age must have young aid with you.

As the age changes, people’s priorities change. When you are a kid, the only thing important to you is enjoying yourself. Similarly, as age increases, the important thing to you is a better lifestyle for which cash is very important. Therefore, lawmakers make this age limits law so you can start taking part in lotteries after knowing about the importance of cash.

International Rules

Many countries globally have an age limit of 18 years for taking part in betting games. Similarly, in the united states, you have to be 18 to participate in betting games in every state. In other countries with no betting age limit, most countries have no betting system, or betting is illegal.

Some third-world countries have no age limit or rules and regulations; when these people participate in the teer lottery in India, China and Bhutan, it is at their one risk. This happens because most of these lotteries do not allow that kind of player to their scamming.

Suppose these players try to do some illegal activities. In that case, there are no rules or law enforcement in their country to control this problem.


Some common observations among young children are that when they win the lotteries are illegal activities or inappropriate use of winning prizes. Many teens start drugging with their winning amounts or other harmful, expensive activities.

It is a common observation in the teer lottery that most of the people are eighteen plus, even if most of them are near thirty. To win these lotteries, you have to be mature enough to make a good strategy of winners. In other lotteries, when number selection is between 1 to 10 or 15, it’s not that difficult. In the case of the teer lottery, they have to select numbers between 1 and 99. In that case, decision making is not that much easy.

Law enforcement in the country is working to avoid these illegal activities. In the case of online betting, there are verification processes which require your national id in which ages are mentioned. The cyber securities group will crack your cash if you use incorrect details with wrong or invalid original cards.

In some areas, underage betting is still common. Still, law enforcement decreases the process daily, so try to avoid lotteries before reaching that allowed age. You may win your bets and have cash, but the problem you will face is much bigger than your winning reward. So keep the law of state followed by you.

Earning from betting is not a bad habit, but there is a proper time for everything. Therefore,  it is its allowed age.

What is the minimum age for playing the lottery?

There is a change to the minimum age for taking part in the National Lottery from 16 years old to 18 years old. Any organization offering this service must have made the transition before this change, as this will affect online sales of National Lottery products. Retailers who depend on the sale of these tickets will be shocked by this change since this age restriction has been in place for many years.

It is anticipated that raising the minimum age will take effect from October 2021 at the latest for physical sales of National Lottery tickets and scratch cards in stores. A source noted that the change would help ensure that the lottery is not a “gateway to problem gambling,” as it would help ensure that the lottery is not a gateway.

 In addition, there are concerns for problem gamblers and minors who might have accessed gambling products. During this pandemic, the issue has been brought to the forefront even more. One of the significant reasons this change has been implemented is this.

Minimum age to play lottery Minimum age to play Teer Lottery Minimum age to play lottery in India

Many people might feel discouraged upon learning of this change in the law, but Camelot, the operator of the National Lottery, has announced its support for the government. The operator intends to adjust its online channel to comply with the new law. 

To verify the age of those playing the national lottery online, You may use an age verification solution. However, it will be the retailers who offer scratch cards and lottery tickets responsible for verifying their customers’ age. Additionally, the National Lottery operators and affiliates must adjust their marketing to accommodate the new age limits.

How to verify the age for playing the lottery?

The government could make more changes to review the Gambling Act. The government does not wait around to protect minors, thus allowing the age limit to be changed on the National Lottery so soon.

The regulatory changes in the gambling industry require operators and affiliates to stay alert. Age Checked can assist your business in remaining compliant at all times if you provide gambling and lottery products online. In the UK and across Europe, we provide operators with a compliant, secure and fully anonymous solution. With our innovative technology, we can identify that players are over 18 and ensure that the process is completed with little or no interruption to the onboarding process.


The minimum age requirement for playing a lottery is 18 years be it Shillong Teer Lottery, Juwai Teer Lottery, Khanapara Teer Lottery or Arunachal Teer Lottery. But after recent changes, the news is spreading that now even a 16 years old person can play the lottery. We have tried our best to give you all the necessary information regarding this issue. Don’t forget to share this information with others if you find this information helpful.