How To Buy Teer Lottery Tickets

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There are several ways to buy Shillong teer lottery tickets in INDIA. The most common way to buy lottery tickets is to purchase person to person or online. Lottery tickets provide expert gamblers and novices alike with an easy competition method for substantial prizes. It is common for lottery ticket purchasers to feel nervous about purchasing a lottery ticket and placing a wager. 

How To Buy Lottery Tickets

Still, with a basic understanding of the lottery rules and realistic expectations, lottery tickets can be a stress-free means of entertainment. Do not, however, forget that, as with any form of gambling, a lottery ticket is a risk. Make sure you do not put money at risk.

Let’s explore how to buy lottery tickets.

Buying Shillong teer lottery tickets person to person

When you plan to purchase Shillong lottery tickets from any store instead of an online website. You have to keep in mind a few points. 

  • What is your Budget?

Budgeting your money before seeing your ticket is usually the best approach to buying lottery tickets. In this way, you can act as an intelligent gambler by restricting your expenditures. In this way, you are less likely to be tempted to wager more money than you can afford to lose.

  • Buy Ticket from Trustworthy Store

 You can usually purchase lottery tickets at gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores if your state has legalized the sale of lottery tickets. It is important to note that not all of these locations sell and distribute lottery tickets. In general, it is a good rule to assume that if you can buy cigarettes here, you can probably purchase lottery tickets as well.

  • Confirm your Age

Lottery play is often illegal until someone reaches a certain age, just like smoking, drinking, and other forms of gambling. States and countries have different laws regarding this. You must often be at least 18 years old in India to play the lottery, but exceptions do exist. To prove that you are of legal gambling age, you may be asked to present identification when purchasing a lottery ticket.

  • Choose Numbers

There are many different types of lotteries, but when it comes to placing a wager, most share specific characteristics. As a general rule, if you wish to purchase a lotto ticket, you will request your desired ticket at the store and then choose the numbers you want to bet on. This is usually achieved by writing down the numbers on a lottery ticket. Give back your payslip once you have selected your numbers.

  • Choose Random Number

Most modern lotteries allow you to have a computer randomly pick a number for you if you’re in a hurry or don’t care which numbers you choose. There is typically a box or section on the payslip where you can indicate whether you are willing to accept randomly generated numbers. The playing card does not require any numbers to be displayed if you choose this option.

  • How many draws do you want to play?

Lottery ticket purchases do not result in instant winnings. A set of winning numbers is chosen at random in the official lottery drawing rather than during the online lottery. You will need to buy a new ticket if you wish to participate in another draw if you purchase only the base price for your ticket. It is possible to buy more than one lottery draw at a time in some lotteries. So you can use your set of numbers for ten drawings in a row if you buy a set of ten draws for ten times the price of a regular ticket.

  • Time to give the final touch to your process

After you have completed your play slip, take a moment to review it to ensure everything is written as you like. Next, you must submit it and pay for your bets. If you bet on more than one draw, each additional draw will be billed separately.You will receive an additional ticket. To validate the ticket, you may need to sign it.

  • Participate in Lucky Draw

With your ticket in hand and the set of numbers you’ve purchased, you can leave. Your only task now is to wait for the next drawing. Lotteries also have different dates and times for their draw – ask your retailer or check your lottery’s website to find out when the next drawing will occur. The results of official lotteries are posted on their websites and, for smaller local lotteries, may be broadcast on public television stations.

Buying Shillong teer lottery tickets Online

If you want to buy lottery tickets online, you should consider these things. 

  • Search for Authentic website

It is possible to buy lottery tickets online even if you do not live in an area where the lottery is legal. You can pay an online lottery vendor to purchase a lottery ticket on your behalf. Once you win the lottery, your winnings are credited to your account. Playing lotteries in places where you do not live is relatively easy using this system. To ensure your money is safe, you should ensure that the site you are using is reputable and managed professionally.

  • Confirm whether the lottery is legal or not in your state

It is technically illegal for state lotteries to sell their tickets outside their borders, which is why the process of buying and selling lottery tickets online is obscure.Online lottery service providers work around this problem by acting as “service agencies”. – you give them money, they order the ticket legally, and they send it to you if you win. There’s no doubt this practice is controversial, so before you buy any tickets, check your local laws first.

  • Pay Subscription Charges

In addition to allowing their users to purchase lotto tickets at face value, most online lottery ticket services require them to create an account and pay a subscription fee. Users usually pay a lower fee if they sign up for an extended membership, usually $10 per month. Free tickets are available on some sites, but paying members gain access to additional features.

  • Choose the Numbers
shillong number

as with a typical lottery ticket purchase, you should be able to specify the options and numbers you want on your ticket from your online lottery provider. Choosing your numbers, choosing the number of draws, choosing any additional options, and entering your payment information are the first steps.

  • Pay your Ticket Fee

You can review your order on the checkout screen of online lottery vendors before you confirm your payment information, just as you can with most online retailers.Once everything is confirmed, everything is in order, enter the credit card information, the address and the personal information according to your needs.A confirmation of your order will be sent to you via email after your payment account is debited for your purchase. You need to wait at this point. The prize winner will be notified and given the option of cashing out their winnings.

How To Buy Teer Lottery Tickets

As we know, the teer lottery Is one of the most famous lotteries in India. Everyone wants to play this lottery. Today we will guide you about the purchase of a teer lottery ticket. Before purchasing the lottery ticket, it must be clear that either you will play it physically or online from your home. 

If you are going to play the teer lottery physically, you have to go to the city where these events are organized. It is played daily with the off day of Sunday. The first two rounds were played in the morning, and again the pattern was repeated in the evening. 

 If you are going to play the teer lottery online, you have to find with whom you will make your deal of sale purchase of a ticket. Many online platforms like the Teer app and the teer website offer the sale and purchase of these tickets.

How To Buy Teer Lottery Ticket in India

Similarly, for this lottery ticket purchase in India, physically, you have to reach the spot before the end time of the ticket sale. 

Then you pay them for the ticket. They will note down your number, and after the happening of an event, if you are the winner, you will be rewarded with the winning amount. All this happened after cross-matching the number of your ticket and their data. 

 Similarly, in the case of online games, the process is very easy. This is because they have your detail all the time with them. They have your record when you buy the ticket after betting on a specific number. You can easily deposit cash in online betting and get the winning amount. There is no need to take cash with you, and the risk of bringing back the winning prize is 0

How to Buy Teer Lottery Ticket Online

However, purchasing lottery tickets from the Internet is an easy process because of the many sellers. 

To purchase a ticket online, you have to choose which lottery you will play and then pay for it because many teer Lotteries are played in India. The difference between them is only their original working location.

After choosing the lottery you will play, you have to choose the time you will bet, morning or evening. Then before the start of the game, you choose the number of tickets and pay for them from your online portal. This online cash is cut down from your account, and after the game of shooting, the process takes about one hour to two or for the result processing. 

 After processing the result, the winning cash is deposited in your account if you are the winner. Now it’s all up to you to withdraw this amount or reuse it in the lottery. Therefore, we say that online game is very easy to play and manage. The risk of cheating is also very low in online games because you have records.

What is the Tax on Teer Lotter Winnings?

Like other games in India, teer Lotteries are also registered. You can play them legally. Therefore, we know that all legal platform has to pay tax to the government. But the point is that in this game, the text is initially cut down from your winning amount. Or you have included it in your betting amount. You will not come to know that what is the amount of tax you are paying is hidden from you.

 On the other hand, if you are the winner, you do not have to pay any extra tax from your pocket to the government. However, the only tax you may face on the time of cash withdrawal from the bank. In addition, this text is not linked with your lottery.

Teer Lottery Opening, Closing, and Results Timings

The opening and closing times for the result of different categories of teer according to their local time are following.

Morning Shillong teer (FR 10:30 AM) (SR 11:30 AM)

Night Shillong teer (FR 10:30 AM) (SR 11:30 AM)

Evening Shillong teer (FR 04:30 PM) (SR 05:30 PM)

Morning Khanapara teer (FR 11:00 AM) (SR 12:00 PM)

Evening Khanapara teer (FR 04:10 PM) (SR 04:45 PM)

Juwai teer (FR 02:40 PM) (SR 03:15 PM)

If you buy the ticket after the closing time of their sales, you will get no response from your portal. Similarly, if you’re trying to get the result before the time, you will get no response. In the case of claiming the winning reward, there is no fixed time you can get your reward any time after the closing time of results because it is your amount portal that can transfer it to your account at any time of the day.

How to Claim a Teer Lottery Ticket

To claim a lottery ticket, you have to get it in your hand. There is no more detail you need. For example, if you have a ticket that has won the prize, you have to go back to the counter from which you have by adding that ticket. You have to show your ticket to him, and he will claim your prize by cross-matching the detail and giving you the winning amount. 

Similarly, in the case of the online game, the process is easier. There is no paper like a ticket in your hand. You have a ticket in your portal which is given to you. In addition, if you have won the lottery. You can press on claim button and claim your winning reward, which was transferred to your account in a few working minutes. 

They think that makes this lottery one of the most famous in India is the rapid response of its dealer. The better management team makes this lottery grow day by day in India. The process of this game is very clear. In addition, they will keep your detailed information and cash secure, which game the public trust and make them feel safe.

Lottery demand is more than any prize bond knows.


This is all you need to know while buying a lottery ticket. We have explained the two significant ways to buy Shillong teer lottery tickets with all the necessary information. You can look at the details of both of these methods and choose the one you find best for you. We wish you good luck in both ways. 


1. How do you play the lottery for beginners?

To participate in the lottery, you must first purchase a lottery ticket. The numbers you pick must fall within a particular range from the joining lottery.our numbers will be drawn at random from this range.You will win the lottery prize if your numbers match the winning number.

2. Can lottery tickets be purchased online?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets online. 

3. Can you give family money if you win the lottery?

Before the tax kicks in, every individual can give away a certain amount of property during their lifetime or at death.  A lottery winner can claim that the winnings are not taxable gifts if they claim them as a family partnership. They would save millions of dollars in gift taxes.