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night teer results


Night Teer result is uploaded on websites after a few minutes of drawing; you can also get it easily from here as we know that the result consists of two mathematical digits. These two digits represent the number of arrows that were shoot and reached the target. To win the lottery, you have to match your number with the result of the Night Teer lottery of that night.

Night Teer of Shillong Night Teer lottery both names are used to refer to this lottery. The operational structure of the Night Teer lottery is similar to both morning and evening rounds of the Shillong Teer lottery. It also includes the first round and second round. It is called Night Teer because players play it at night. Today we will guide you about the Night Teer result and its history. Therefore, keep reading; before discussing the results, we will discuss what kind of lottery this is.

This Shillong Nite teer Result list is updated every day. The Shillong Teer Night Result, Shillong Teer Night Common Number, and Shillong Teer Night Previous Results can be found here every day. Based on our results numbers, the accuracy of our results is similar to Shillong’s night teer counter. The history of the Teer game is unknown.

 Would you like to know the Shillong Night Teer Winning Numbers? Look no further. The results for the Shillong Night Teer game at 10:30 p.m. onwards will only be available on this website. The results of Shillong Night can be seen on this website almost everywhere in India. Result Winning Numbers for Shillong Night Teer are published daily here. The winning numbers of the Shillong Night Teer game at 10:30 p.m. as well as 11:30 p.m. can be seen here. Above is the Shillong Night Teer Result Winning Numbers. 

Shillong Night Teer Result Today

First Round Second Round
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There is a legal lottery game called ‘Teer,’ which is played throughout Meghalaya and other states, including Khanapara, Juwai, Manipur, and Bodoland. The Shillong Teer Results can be found here, along with the Juwai Teer Results, Khanapara Teer Results, etc. You can get updated Teer results every day through our website. Based on established methods, we update the Teer common number here daily at 5:30 p.m. Calcutta time.

night teer results

The people of Meghalaya introduced this game in the early 20th century. During the 20th century, when the English Army attacked the Meghalaya people, the people captured arrows from them and used these arrows to play various kinds of games. After a few years, people became expert archers and started participating in local competitions. People had a great passion for it, so they kept doing it. Hence, it started on a professional level in Meghalaya’s different cities.

 We offer a complete overview of Teer Khela on our website, as well as a complete guide to Teer dream numbers, formulas, and more. If you enjoy playing the Teer counter game, please bookmark our website and visit it every day. Results of Shillong Night Teer, the list of Shillong Night Teer results, the actual Shillong Night Teer result today, and the Shillong Night Teer counter are available here.

What is F/R S/R?

Those who do not know what the terms FR and SR mean are simply the first and second results from Night Teer. Shillong’s Night Teer Result (FR) is announced at 10:40 p.m. regularly,  while the Second Result (SR) is announced at 11:25 p.m. The Shillong night timer counter results will be announced at this time.

Modern Lotteries in India

Modern lotteries are played all around the world. Similarly, they are played inside India. The number of players inside the modern lottery increases day by day. The player’s convenience is the major difference between old-day lotteries and modern lotteries. In past plays, lotteries are played physically; to buy the ticket and claim the winning prize, you must be present.

Nowadays, all these things are done online players don’t even know where these draws will happen. Players can easily buy tickets and claim their winning prizes while staying in their houses. Some people think that the risk of cheating increases in these online lotteries. But in reverse, the chance of cheating decreases as the lotteries become online. This is because everything is on record, and companies must register them legally in that state.

If the company does anything illegal, the government will suspend its license; therefore, they must keep them pure and legal. Another main advantage is that the number of draws happening in modern lotteries is twice or trice time as in old-time lotteries. In the past days, they have had to manage all their record physically, but now in the online world, this task has become very easy.

Teer Lottery

One of the most famous lotteries inside India, which is also performing its duties online, is the Night Teer lottery, as the name tells us that arrows are included in this lottery. Know there is a question that arises in people’s minds how can we bet on arrows? Let us tell you about the game. It is a game in which some professional shooters target a specific common target with their arrows.

You have to guess the correct number of these arrows. The main twist in this game is that you will guess the number of these arrows before they are shot. The arrows were given to shooters, and they had a specific time to shoot them at their target. After the closing of time, a blocking came between shooters and the target.

Preference of Indian Locals

Night Teer lottery is a type of Shill0ng lottery but is specially referred to as the rounds played at night time. As we know that there is a large number of lotteries operating inside India. Again we are telling you that this is one of the most famous lotteries in India but when you come to know that all other lotteries are mostly working in day hours but here is the only lottery which is working at night also.

There are about two shifts of Shillong lottery working in the daytime. The third one is working at night, known as Night Shillong Teer. The rules in this lottery are similar to the two played in the morning and evening; the only difference between them is their timing.

Night Teer

1st round= 08:00 PM

2nd round=09:20 PM

How To Play and Get Results

As we told you above, the Night Shillong teer lottery is similar to other teer lotteries played in India. Their basic working structure is similar. The only difference among them is the difference in their working hours. Therefore, we will repeat here the method of playing this teer lottery. You can use this method in other teer lotteries also.

Initially, you must make your online account from which you bought the tickets. It is not a difficult task. They only require your national and bank account details. When you provide them with these details, they will confirm them and create your official account, which you can use easily anywhere. When the time of ticket purchase arrives, you only login into your account and pay for the best that you are going to play.

After the clearance of payment, you have to select the number on which you are going to bet. Know your work is done, and you have to wait for the process to happen after the happening of draw the result was shown on that portal. If you selected the correct number in the ticket purchase time, you only have to claim your winning prize, which will transfer into your account.  

On the other hand, if you were not the winner, there is nothing you get, only a loss. You only lose your cash on the bet. It’s not a big problem; therefore, we recommend you start betting with less investment. Many people are crazy about the large winning prize but don’t think about losses. When you start playing from less betting amount, you face fewer losses.

 Only increase the bet amount when you become an expert, which requires time. You can also use higher bets when you know the number you will bet.

Dream numbers and Common Numbers 

There is a dream number used by many players in the teer lottery. These numbers are linked with the dreams of people.  According to old myths, still used objects in dreams teel about result numbers. If you see that specific thing in your last night’s dream, it will be your answer in the upcoming draw. On the other hand, common numbers are the highest repeated numbers in lotteries. They are also preferred over other numbers.

Predictions of Night Teer

As we tell you above, betting in the Night Shillong teer lottery is very simple. If betting is very simple, then why everyone can not win? This is because the purchase of the ticket is not enough to win. Selecting the right number is the only thing that leads you to victory. Then how will we come to know which number is right?

For making predictions, you need previous data on that lottery. Above, we provided you with the old results, which you can use to create your predictions. While creating your prediction, you must be focused.

In addition, we recommend you compare your predictions with other paid predictions on the Internet because this will help you improve your skills. If you’re using the wrong information while creating the prediction, the chance of your winning becomes very low. Therefore, try to use accurate information with excellent skills.

The games like the lottery are not fully in the hand of the player, but the thing that a player can do is get the maximum hold on the game. This will also help him to increase the chance of his winning.

Night Teer Results Conclusion

We are wrapping up the discussion about the Night teer results hoping that now you have enough information. If you want to get updates daily, all you have to do is visit our site regularly so you can get every detail on time without missing anything. We assure you to update the results daily and provide you with previous results. However, you can write your further queries in the comments section.