How To Claim Teer Lottery Prize

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If you have won the Teer Lottery, you need to find out how to claim your prize. Winners of any prize must return winning tickets with all required documentation within 30 days of the draw. There can be prizes up to Rs. 1 lakh claimed by the District Lottery Offices. However, winners of prizes exceeding Rs.1 lakh should surrender their tickets and these documents to the Director of State Lotteries: – The winner’s name, address, and signature must be attached to the ticket.

  • You should submit a claim application along with self-attested photocopies of both sides of the ticket.
  • The prize-winner’s passport-size photographs must be attested by a commissioned officer/notary.
  •  The entry form must include a revenue stamp of Rs.1/- and the full address of the winner, as well as a receipt for the prize money.
  • When the winner is a minor, a Guardianship certificate must be obtained from a competent authority.
  •  A joint claim should be accompanied by a “Joint Declaration” that is affixed with a stamp worth Rs. 50/- and is signed by one or more claimant recipients.
  •  Copies of your PAN card attestation.

Tax on prize money exceeding Rs. Ten thousand will be deducted and credited to the central government account. To date, on all prize-winning claims over Rs. 10,000/-, 30% of the claim amount will be deducted as income tax. Agents will have income tax deducted at 10%. Currently, the Income Tax Act does not allow for any surcharges or educational cess deductions. 

The Deputy Director (Prize) will pass on winning tickets exceeding Rs.1 Lakh and up to Rs.20 Lakhs for payment, and the Director will pay those exceeding Rs.20 Lakhs. A ten per cent deduction is made from the significant winning prizes, namely, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In the case of other agency prizes, expenses are met by government funds. The Agency prize amounts over 15000 are distributed after statutory income tax of 10% is deducted.

The District Lottery Officer/Sub Lottery Officer shall sanction prizes up to and including one lakh rupees. The Deputy Director Directorate shall authorize a prize claim between one lakh and a maximum of 20 lakhs. Prize claims over 20 lakhs must be approved by the Director of State Lotteries. A claim for incentive to agents shall be submitted within three months of the Draw date.

The District Lottery Officer must condone the delay in presenting the winning tickets up to 30 days from the draw date by surrendering the original ticket to the officers concerned. Under valid grounds, the Deputy Director (Prize) may condone delay for up to 45 days; the Director may condone delay up to 60 days.

Final Words

We hope that you may now have enough information about claiming a ticket for the lottery. Our purpose is to simplify things and help you in every aspect of the lottery. We have tried hard to keep you to the point and on track and give you as much information as possible.